3. Local Action Plan
Created by ReSEL TUC

RES or EE measures planning

Alternative scenarios of applying different RES and EE systems should be assessed at different levels, to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate measures. To this aim, the direct comparison of different scenarios with the existing situation is essential. The planning process could be also assisted by ranking alternative solutions, based on different weighted criteria, such as: 
  • investment required; 
  • energy savings;
  • environmental benefits;
  • employment benefits;
  • relevance to the overall objectives of the region;
  • political and social acceptability.

Useful resources:

  • QuickScan software: Modelling environment combining expert knowledge with spatial and statistical data, which can serve as development scenario planning tool.
  • RETScreen software: Decision support tool to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of RES of EE measures.
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Energy Efficiency
  • CommonONEnergy Tool: Energy saving potential and economic benefits of retrofitting shopping malls estimation 
  • REScoop PLUS toolbox: Toolbox of best practices that are implemented in RES cooperatives around Europe
  • NeZEH e-toolkit: Toolkit for hotels’ energy consumption benchmarking
  • Build up: The European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings- Tools to support energy efficiency measures planning