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The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Local Planning Toolbox aims to support policy makers and development planners, local authorities’ technical staff and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of local/regional energy plans. The toolbox is based on the COMPOSE step-by-step, holistic, methodological approach, providing information on how to implement each step of the COMPOSE model, as well as access to useful databases, design tools, practical guides, recent EU energy policies and other useful links, to support the decision-making and planning process, towards sustainable low carbon communities.

It was developed by the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Laboratory, of the Technical University of Crete (ReSEL-TUC), in the frame of the Interreg MED "COMPOSE - Rural communities engaged with positive energy" project.

COMPOSE is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (Project No: 1001/MED 2014-2020); it lies under the Priority Axis 2. ‘Low Carbon Economy’ of the Interreg MED Programme and contributes to the Specific Objective (SO) 2.2: To increase the share of renewable energy sources in energy mix strategies and plans in specific MED territories (island and rural areas).


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